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The Beginning...

It all started with the love of eating cake, pure and simple. Since childhood, I loved to watch my mother bake and help her when I could. She had an old sifter that looked like it came out of a museum but it sure did the trick to make some of the silkiest, tender cakes you can imagine. I remember waiting to lick the spoon and having to control myself from putting my little fingers in the bowl to steal a scrape of cake batter, even if her hand-mixer was roaring, as it was worth the risk. Fast forward several years and now I have a lovely husband who also likes cake...lots of if it. He randomly asks me one day to make a German Chocolate Cake and, while I was up for the challenge, I wasn't very hopeful because I don't care for coconut and figured he would be eating most of it. Still, I gave it a go back in 2015 and my recipe has been a hit ever since! Without even knowing, I am making coconut haters love these tasty, toasted flakes and accidentally created a family tradition along the way. Now, from my kitchen to yours, I couldn't be more excited to share what we make with you and your loved ones to enjoy and craft your own memories.

Pictured- Our family and friend famous cake baked in the McConnell household during our first Christmas together in our new home back in 2018. It definitely didn't make it to the new year...

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